Koh Larn, a paradise island close to Bangkok

// April 11th, 2013 // Koh Larn, Thailand

If we talk about the cristal clear sea water, white sandy beaches and stunning islands in Thailand. Our idea can’t escape from Andaman sea, the south of Thailand.

But wait… If you don’t want to go that far, where you can find that dreamy sea? For me, Pattaya beach, Hua hin are not even closed to the paradise, but there is something hidden not far from them. It is Koh Larn!!

Koh Larn is an island located around Pattaya area, but we have to take Ferry to the island about 45 minutes for 30 baht. It’s very famous for Thai people. Most of Thai tourist would stay 1-2 nights there, but foreign tourist would do the 1 day trip. That might be because the resorts in Koh Larn hardly do the English advertisement.

For me, 1 day trip is not enough. I advice to stay at least a night there.

How to go to Koh Larn

PattayaWe have to go to Bali hai pier located near to Pattaya walking street. In Bangkok, there are many van companies that take you to the pier. The main van station is at Victory monument [victory monument BTS station]. It’s easy to know where it is, you can ask people where. They know it! I took the van of Rungruang company, it costs 97 baht per person and departs every 15 minutes. It took 1.30 hours to get to Bali hai pier

Ferry to Koh Larn

In Koh Larn, there are 2 main piers which are Ta Na Ban and Ta Wean beach. You have to make sure which pier is the nearest to your place to stay or your destination.

Here are the timetable of the departure time of ferry:

Ta Na BanTa Wien beach
From Bali hai pierFrom Ta Na BanFrom Bali hai pierFrom Ta wien beach

Place to stay in Koh Larn

Ban fahsai

I went to Koh Larn many times, and the place that I fell in love with is Ban Fah Sai. It’s located 5 minutes walk from Ta Na Ban. There were 3 size of room:

1221846329Blue [the biggest and the best view to the sea from bacolny; 1 500 baht/night],
Green [the medium one with the view to the sea; 1200 baht/night],
Pink [the smallest; 1 000 baht/night],

all rooms are for 2 people, and 500 baht for extra bed. Plus all the rooms are also on the water.
There is 24 hours coffee and tea and all the thing you need for eating in your room or in the lobby with the stunning view.

Places to eat

I experienced the top famous restaurants in Koh Larn, all were supurb , but the price might be a little different.

  • Puay Payom : it was so romantic for the couple, the tables were facing to the sea. The food was so delicious. I recommend to go before sunset, because after it would be so dark and you would see nothing.
puay payom

Puay Payom

  • Krua Chaleanglom : it was the restaurant that I like the most. The pertect location laying down on the large beach and the tables that were just on the sand. I couldn’t ask anything more. The food was also perfect.
Krua Chaleanglom

Krua Chaleanglom

Ps. The 2 restaurant are next to each other!

Top beaches in Koh Larn

Ta wien beach

Ta Wien beach

There are like 7 beaches in Koh Larn. The best is to rent the motocycle 250-300 baht per day around Ta Na Ban pier, but I rented with Ban Fah Sai where I stayed 500 baht with gas included for 3 days 2 nights, and they took care of the motocycle.

My favorite beaches were Hat Ta Yai, Hat Samea, Hat Thian, Hat Ta wien [Ta wien beach].

I think the most famous beach is Ta Wien beach because there are many activities to do, such as banana boat, jet ski…

Hat Ta Yai is the private beach, not so long beach, but the water is clear and not much people. It’s not far from the restaurant Puay Pa Yom and Chaleanglom.

Hat Thian

Hat Thian

Hat Thian and Hat Samea are in the same direction. Both are beautiful, but Hat Samea has many restaurants and beach chairs. For me, I prefer Hat Thian which is more quiet.

When my body needs beach and sea, and my laziness tells me not to go far… Koh Larn has always been the 1st choice and never led me down…. If you are in the same situation too, See you there!

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12 Responses to “Koh Larn, a paradise island close to Bangkok”

  1. Thomas says:

    I definitely have plans to travel more! The wifey and I are looking at move abroad to Greece or Spain. Really would like to visit Bangkok as well. Never heard of Koh Larn before. Photos look great though! Nice looking island.

    • Fon says:

      Thank you Thomas! Koh Larn is so nice. I am sure you will enjoy there. and have a nice stay in Greece or Spain… :)

  2. Marisol says:

    HI, nice finding your blog and thanks for dropping by in mine. Koh Larn looks beautiful and it’s great to know that it’s very close to Bangkok. I will be in Bangkok in September and I will definitely keep Koh Larn in mind. It looks like a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    • Fon says:

      Thank you Marisol ! September might have the rain, but good thing is the weather will not be so hot. Welcome to Thailand in advance :)

  3. Mast Holiday says:

    Wow, what the wonderful informative article with the lovely pictures. Indeed, Koh Larn looks a fantastic island to visit in the pictures.

  4. Thanks for the info. I’ll be headed to Thailand soon and am still trying to come up with destinations to check out. Now there is a new one on my list :)

  5. Simon Lee says:

    Hi Fon, i am from Malaysia. We often heard about Koh Samui, Krabi, Phuket but seldom on Koh Larn. I think it is a great destination for island vacation too:)


  6. Keira Harren says:

    I have vacationed in Pattaya time and again but did not hear about Koh Larn. Otherwise I would have definitely spent some time there. From what I have read in this blog, it seems heavenly.
    Can’t wait to see it for myself.

  7. Catherine says:

    Wow, this place looks beautiful! Looks great in the pictures, and I’m sure it looks even better in person. This place is barely advertised, I didn’t know about it at all before reading this post. Thanks for sharing! My friend and I are planning a trip to Bangkok in the summer and we will definitely fit this into our itinerary. Thanks a lot for all the details you have given in terms of the prices as well, will really help with the budgeting!

  8. Ahmed says:

    This looks truly amazing. If I had an opportunity to be in Thailand,I must go to the beach. The beaches look so clean and not too expensive.Relaxing atmosphere and clear waters and the facilities look amazing as well. Moreover, there are some spectacular views for taking snapshots. It is also suited for bicycling and hiking.Kind of a home away from home. :)

  9. Anne Parker says:

    I plan to go to Thailand soon, with some friends after my graduation, and we are making a list of places to go see. This place looks amazing! I will make sure we go there. I cant wait to go to that restaurant on the beach. Everything looks so beautiful in the pictures. I am so excited! Nice to know that its so easily accessible as well.

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