Around Khao San Road

// March 22nd, 2013 // Bangkok, Thailand

Exchange counter mostly “Buy” foreign currency

Khao San Road

Khao San Road

This was supposed to be just a normal day. I stayed in Bkk . My friend and I prepared ourselves for the next trip in a few days…. So we needed to exchange some money from Thai to HKD.

Today is Sunday. We thought the best place to exchange was around Khao San Road, the famous place for night life and bagpackers because there were many of exchange counter to compare the rate.

Thing were not like we expected. We forget the face that we would exchange Thai Baht to HKD. It means that we had to buy HKD and the counter ‘Sell’ HKD to us. But around Khoa San road, mostly they only “Buy” the foreign currency, NOT Thai Baht!

We came all the way from our place around Sukumvit Road, it took like 1 hour and a half. We got nothing?? And we have to go to another Sell currency counter which means we have to waste time and money. Not a good day at all.

“MONT” famous milk tea and toast shop

Mont milk tea and toast shop

Mont milk tea and toast shop

Anyway, we decided to go around the place. Yes ! our favorite milk tea and bekery shop. We walked from Khoa San road, crossed the main road, walked up to the Democracy Monument, then turn right to Dinso Road, walked straight… Here we are! We arrived at the shop, MONT NOMSOD!!

There were so many people inside. It was very different comparing with the quiet Dinso road. We took Thai milk tea, 35 baht, toast with chocolate and coconut custard, 20 baht. It was a little expensive, but very good for quality! This shop is like almost 50 years old!! Wow!! And very famous for Thai people! Now they have many branches such as in MBK mall!


We sat there for an hour, then we went to Radchanadda temple where there is LOHA PRASAT, A Thail Buddhist Achitectural Masterpeice, the only one that lasts to the world.

Loha Prasat

Loha Prasat

For foreigner, you have to pay 20 baht, and you can get a candle and incense for free. I passed by this temple too many times, but I had never been inside! My first time!! It looked so stunning from outside, let’s get inside!

There is the Lord Buddha Relic inside, we had to walk up stairs. It was tiring, but it was worth being up there with the view of Bangkok! Supurb! There were not much people. So peaceful place  We didn’t have much time in there as we arrived at 4.30 pm, and it closed at 5 pm. We missed to visit LOHA PRASAT Exhibitionand . Anyway, we would come back. We loved this place so much !

Loy Kra Tong Festival at The Golden Mount

Golden Mount

Golden Mount

As Loy Kra Tong Festival, people float the Kratong, made by banana leave, will be on the 28 NOV and we will miss it because we would be in Thailand for the moment! This festival is about thankgiving the water and asking for forgiveness for the things we have done in the wrong way with the water!

At The Golden Mount, near Radchanadda temple. There was the festival, many kinds of food, stuff to buy! And we could go up to the Golden Mount to visit the top which normally it’s closed at night!



It was so animated at night! A little too much people on the top of Golden Mount. Only once time a year for this festival, it would be around November. So don’t miss it!

Delicious Seafood

Delicious Seafood

We went out to find something to eat! We were interested in Seafood!! We took Grilled Squid, cockle, Fried Shrimp!! It was scrumptious!!,expecially the spicy sea food sauce!! Woooohh!! We enjoyed, but no so long. The big rain came!! Our table was full with water!! Fortunately, we finished everything!!

It was worth going out today, even if we could not exchange money. Such a good day and night! I
Good night Asia! :sleep:

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2 Responses to “Around Khao San Road”

  1. amelia says:

    Oh nooo, it sucks that you had to find another currency counter after travelling so far to get to this one! =/ Wow I’ve never heard of Thai milk tea and toast! Sounds yummy! The Loha Prasat looks AMAZING omg I wish I could go see it for myself!

  2. Angela says:

    As it appears it is the best place to exchange money as there are many exchange counters to compare the rate. Indeed an important point to consider because at times you have to travel for hours to get money exchanged in foreign countries.

    Have tea, visit the the Democracy Monument, then turn right to Dinso Road. Also worth visitng would be the shop, MONT NOMSOD! And have the famous tea “MONT”.

    The temple that looks so stunning from outside, is a great place to be in and visit the Buddha Relic inside. A great place to have some peaceful time.

    Great for sightseeing, having a feel of the unique traditions and taste some famous food.

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