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    Oh nooo, it sucks that you had to find another currency counter after travelling so far to get to this one! =/ Wow I’ve never heard of Thai milk tea and toast! Sounds yummy! The Loha Prasat looks AMAZING omg I wish I could go see it for myself!

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    As it appears it is the best place to exchange money as there are many exchange counters to compare the rate. Indeed an important point to consider because at times you have to travel for hours to get money exchanged in foreign countries.

    Have tea, visit the the Democracy Monument, then turn right to Dinso Road. Also worth visitng would be the shop, MONT NOMSOD! And have the famous tea “MONT”.

    The temple that looks so stunning from outside, is a great place to be in and visit the Buddha Relic inside. A great place to have some peaceful time.

    Great for sightseeing, having a feel of the unique traditions and taste some famous food.

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