Dam nak temple, Old market, Pub street

// January 3rd, 2013 // Cambodia, Siem Reap

We started the day in the afternoon because we were so tired from  yesterday. We tried to drag ourselves out of the bed. We really had no idea where to go, so we looked in the Map and decided to go to Dam nak temple which is closed to the old market, pub street.

Dam nak temple

Dam nak temple

Dam nak temple

1 $ for tuktuk to get there, in the front of the temple looked a little like it was abandoned for a while. No tourists in this place, so when we got inside many locals weirdly  looked at us.

Inside was better, it was new and peaceful, mosty it was used as a picnic place of Cambodian teenagers. We were not there for a long time. We crossed the bridge and we arrived the Old market.

Old market

Tips to get the cheapest price

old market

old market

In the Old market, mostly there are many souvenir shops. You can ask for  40-80% discount.  I would like to advice you as follow :

  1. If you are interested in some stuff, try to take a look and pick up with normal face..
  2. Then, ask about the price
  3. When they tell you the price, try to walk away, they will ask you how much do you want
  4. Try to ask more than 60% first, if they said no, try to walk away
  5. They will hold you back, and ask you again how much do you want
  6. Then, you will get the price at you want.

You can try to walk away many times until you are happy with the price haha. Don’t hesitate to ask because as much as I experience, the Cambodian Sellers are nice J if they really cant get you  the price you want, they will let you go J

80% discount at Old market

For example a Cambodia snow globe, mostly the price would be 3 $, but I could get for 1.5$. just try to walk to check the price first because some shop will give you overprice! Like us, for the snow globe for 8 $!! What? We just got it for 1.5$[80% discount] haha . we also went to The night market which was cheap too!

Pub street and Sivutha Blvd

Pub street

Pub street

We went to Pub street. It would be good for beer lover, not us haha. Therefore, there was nothing to do there for us. The price of the foods were high!

For us we preferred the food on the main street,Sivutha Blvd. the drinks were cheap such as Banana shake for 50 cent, lced lemon tea for 1 $

Massage 1$ ???

massage along the street

massage along the street

Along the street, there were many massage shop showing the price of 1$. Don’t be so happy! 1$ for 15 minutes, 4$ for an hour.  We didn’t like to be massage just next to the street because we didn’t want every who walked pass to look at us, it was not relaxed at all.

In the good ones which has A/C, they would show the price of 5$ per hour for foot and khmer massage, but actually we can ask for discount. We got it for 4$, the same price as the street one. It was way better!!

We walked back to hostel and saw many people were in front of a building. We were curious, so we asked a Cambodian girl what happened.

She told us a few days ago, that building was burnt, and 8 people including a child were dead inside! They could survive, if the fire bus had not came this late. She was so scared because she used to see such 8 people walked around the place as they worked near to her shop. We were so depressed. The buiding was so closed to the Night market and the center of everything and right beside the main road, but this thing could happen. Sign…

Even if it was not the long day, but I was so happy about being in Siem Reap. I enjoyed talking with people here, they were so nice and friendly. Although, the tuktuk drivers were a little annoying sometimes, but they were not aggressive.

Tomorrow, we will head back to Bangkok by bus. It will be a very long day. Wish us luck!

Goodnight asia! :sleep:

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2 Responses to “Dam nak temple, Old market, Pub street”

  1. Catherine says:

    Fantastic tips on how to get the cheapest price! I am usually really bad at haggling around for cheaper prices but your steps are really going to help me out. I was also really surprised to read about the $1 massages! Is this actually for real? That’s a really cheap price for a fifteen minute massage.

  2. I miss this place so bad ;)

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