Bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok

// January 5th, 2013 // Cambodia, Siem Reap

Bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok

We would head back to Bangkok today by bus!! The staff at hostel booked Hang Tep bus company, 10$ for departure time 8.00,  6.30 am for 15$ . of course we took the one at 8 am.The bus picked us up around 7.30 am and actually depart at 8.30 am.

special extra seat :)

special extra seat:)

All the seat was full, but there were 3 people left !! The driver gave them the plastic chairs!!! to sit in the middle of the way. Poor them! I think it doesn’t depend on who books before, but who will be picked up the last!! You pay the same, but you might get the special offer chair haha.

4 hours from Siem Reap to the border

cambodia border

cambodia border

The staff of the hostel told us it took 2 hours to the border, but it did take 4 hours! They gave us the red stickers at the second stop and would meet us after passing thai immigration.

For Cambodia immigration. It was slow because of too much tourists. It took like 40 minutes. Then we walked cross the bridge to the part of Thai immigration.

3 hours of waiting for immigration process

The line was even longer!!!  Too hot and crowded. We waited like 3 hours!!! After I finished. I really had no idea what time the bus would depart to Bangkok as we had to wait for everyone on the bus to finish this process!!

Immigration control at the airport was way faster! If you come to Cambodia or Thailand through the border… Prepare your mind for this!

get the van to Khao San Road,Bangkok

the van to bangkok

the van to bangkok

We walked out from the immigration office and met the driver. He took us to a restaurant where everyone had to wait to get the van. There were many people going to different destination such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Chang.

Waiting like 30 minutes, then we got the van. It took 4 hours to get to Khao San road. The driver dropped us at the BTS station during the way to Khao San road. If your destination is in Bangkok, but not right in Khao San Road, you can talk with the driver to drop you the nearest place to your hotel.

14 hours …. And now we arrived home. The bus to Bangkok was not that bad!, but the immigration process needed to be improved! I need at least 12 hours of sleep!! I have a great night to be at home.. home always sweet home…

 Goodnight Asia :sleep:


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2 Responses to “Bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok”

  1. Catherine says:

    It’s a shame about the buses; it’s really unfair that some passengers got the uncomfortable plastic chairs even though they paid the same amount. I really hope I’m not one of them when I take this bus :( Thanks for sharing your entire journey though, now I know how much time and money is needed at all the places so I can plan accordingly! Great tips!

  2. amelia says:

    That really isn’t fair that everyone pays the same bus fair but some people have to use plastic chairs (are those even safe to use on a bus?). They should make sure they don’t overbook their buses!
    I really like how you give so much detail about your journeys =)

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